HRT Side Effects and Risks

HRT is not risk free. Just like any other anti aging procedure there are some risks associated with this treatment. Some health experts do not recommend HRT for anti aging purposes. There have been some side effects and studies are still being conducted to detect for other side effects.

Testosterone treatments may put a man at an increased risk for developing prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease. Hormone replacement therapy for women may carry an increased risk of breast cancer, although studies are contradictory on this point. The exact ingredients of the treatment can make a difference.

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Other reported side effects for women include breast tenderness, cramps in the legs, headaches, nausea, weight gain, irregular bleeding, and bloating. There are also some more serious risks associated with this therapy that include an increased chance of having a stroke, dementia, and a number of cardiovascular diseases. These results are from studies that have been conducted both in the United Kingdom and the United States. Both trials had to be stopped because they appeared to be increasing the patients’ risk for getting these serious and often life-threatening diseases.

Despite the known risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy many people are still choosing this anti aging treatment as their desire to look young outweighs the fear of side effects. Some even accused the researchers of falsifying this information and exaggerating the HRT side effects. They state that the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy are not being discussed.

Other studies have shown that Hormone Replacement Therapy can still be effective in reducing the effects of aging. The studies are aimed to prove that when used careful and as directed the hormones can prevent the signs and symptoms of aging. They can also be used to treat premature aging and similar disorders especially in women, where HRT can ease symptoms of menopause and help delay a threatened early menopause.

It remains to be seen if Hormone Replacement Therapy will officially be accepted by the medical community as an effective anti aging treatment. There are many other anti aging products on the market that have been shown to be safe and effective. Many of these products have fewer side effects then Hormone Replacement Therapy. These other anti aging treatments include anti wrinkle creams and gels, intensive creams that are used at night, eye creams and gels, serums, and even sunscreen to prevent and reduce the signs of aging. There are many more anti aging products on the market as well.

Nevertheless, many people are not concerned with HRT side effects and proclaim themselves very happy with the anti aging properties of hormone replacement therapy.