7 Tips for an Easy Way to Lose Weight

weight loss imageIs there an easy way to lose weight? Pretty much anyone over the age of ten knows that eating less and moving more are a surefire formula for weight loss. But it’s one thing to know it, and a very different thing to do it. A low calorie diet may sound simple, but it isn’t easy. So here are our top 7 tips for turning your diet into an easier weight loss journey.

1. Write It Down

Keep a diary or log of everything that you eat and drink. Studies show that people who keep a food journal end up eating significantly less. It’s even useful to know how much water you had, so you can see if you should increase that.

There are lots of ways to do this, so choose one that will make it easy for you. You could have a small notebook in your purse, but these days most people find their phone the most convenient tool. You can use a journaling app, a calendar app, or a weight loss app like My Fitness Pal that will tell you the calories in what you consumed.

2. Don’t Forget the Drinks

We hear that the average American takes in nearly 250 calories a day just from what they drink. This means that by cutting out those items they would lose 25 pounds in a year, even if they made no other changes to what they ate.

Juice, most sodas, the creamer in coffee, beers and alcohol… they all have calories. Eat a whole fruit instead of juice – it has fiber, making you feel fuller, plus other vitamins and minerals that aren’t in a concentrated juice. Switch to diet soda if you must have something sweet. Go for skim milk in coffee – it may taste weird at first, but you’ll get accustomed to it.

And cut out the alcohol if you can, or at least cut down. Alcohol delivers a triple blow to our weight loss efforts – it contains a lot of empty calories in itself, plus it makes us crave crunchy, salty snacks, AND it lowers our willpower, making it harder to resist temptation.

3. Divide Your Food

If your problem is that you constantly snack between meals, then instead of trying to be “good” by cutting out the snacks, plan them into your diet. Have smaller meals with a snack between each one. Having smaller portions is good training anyway, and eating every 2-3 hours keeps the blood sugar levels stable. It’s an easy way to lose weight because it helps to avoid those cravings that can lead to a binge.

4. Be Ruthless With Your Wardrobe

As you begin to lose weight, don’t be tempted to keep your old “fat clothes” in case you need them again. That just gives you an out. It’s better to be in a situation where you are forced to either lose weight or buy new if your current clothes start to feel tight. That’s an extra motivation.

While you’re decluttering, consider also throwing out the “thin” clothes that may have been lingering at the back of the closet from many years ago, waiting for the day when you can get into them again. Because will you really want to? Will those old things even be in style anymore? Wouldn’t it be more fun to reward yourself for your weight loss with new clothes that are up to date?

5. Choose Smaller Plates

If you are eating with your family, consider giving yourself a smaller plate, like a salad plate for your main course, or a breakfast cereal bowl for your pasta. That means you will naturally have a smaller portion, and people tend to eat less that way, but still feel satisfied.

6. Don’t Have Dishes on the Table

Leave the food in the kitchen, serve it there, and bring only your full plate to the table. This makes it easier to eat only your planned portion.

If your family doesn’t go for this idea, then make sure the high calorie dishes are put at the other end of the table from your place, so you would have to ask somebody to pass them. The embarrassment factor, when your family knows you want to lose weight, will help you avoid spooning a ton more food onto your plate.

7. Avoid Refined Foods

Refined foods are those where the fiber and other healthy substances has been removed to make them taste sweeter or look more appetizing. Examples are sugar (all sugar, including brown), white rice, and anything made with flour that is not whole wheat flour.

These foods are converted to glucose almost instantly when we eat them, giving our bodies a huge sugar rush and leading to the overproduction of insulin. They are quickly stored as fat. At the same time, they offer us very little nutrition other than calories.

So those are our top 7 tips for an easy way to lose weight. We hope they help you!