7 Tips for an Easy Way to Lose Weight

weight loss imageIs there an easy way to lose weight? Pretty much anyone over the age of ten knows that eating less and moving more are a surefire formula for weight loss. But it’s one thing to know it, and a very different thing to do it. A low calorie diet may sound simple, but it isn’t easy. So here are our top 7 tips for turning your diet into an easier weight loss journey.

1. Write It Down

Keep a diary or log of everything that you eat and drink. Studies show that people who keep a food journal end up eating significantly less. It’s even useful to know how much water you had, so you can see if you should increase that.

There are lots of ways to do this, so choose one that will make it easy for you. You could have a small notebook in your purse, but these days most people find their phone the most convenient tool. You can use a journaling app, a calendar app, or a weight loss app like My Fitness Pal that will tell you the calories in what you consumed.

2. Don’t Forget the Drinks

We hear that the average American takes in nearly 250 calories a day just from what they drink. This means that by cutting out those items they would lose 25 pounds in a year, even if they made no other changes to what they ate.

Juice, most sodas, the creamer in coffee, beers and alcohol… they all have calories. Eat a whole fruit instead of juice – it has fiber, making you feel fuller, plus other vitamins and minerals that aren’t in a concentrated juice. Switch to diet soda if you must have something sweet. Go for skim milk in coffee – it may taste weird at first, but you’ll get accustomed to it.

And cut out the alcohol if you can, or at least cut down. Alcohol delivers a triple blow to our weight loss efforts – it contains a lot of empty calories in itself, plus it makes us crave crunchy, salty snacks, AND it lowers our willpower, making it harder to resist temptation.

3. Divide Your Food

If your problem is that you constantly snack between meals, then instead of trying to be “good” by cutting out the snacks, plan them into your diet. Have smaller meals with a snack between each one. Having smaller portions is good training anyway, and eating every 2-3 hours keeps the blood sugar levels stable. It’s an easy way to lose weight because it helps to avoid those cravings that can lead to a binge.

4. Be Ruthless With Your Wardrobe

As you begin to lose weight, don’t be tempted to keep your old “fat clothes” in case you need them again. That just gives you an out. It’s better to be in a situation where you are forced to either lose weight or buy new if your current clothes start to feel tight. That’s an extra motivation.

While you’re decluttering, consider also throwing out the “thin” clothes that may have been lingering at the back of the closet from many years ago, waiting for the day when you can get into them again. Because will you really want to? Will those old things even be in style anymore? Wouldn’t it be more fun to reward yourself for your weight loss with new clothes that are up to date?

5. Choose Smaller Plates

If you are eating with your family, consider giving yourself a smaller plate, like a salad plate for your main course, or a breakfast cereal bowl for your pasta. That means you will naturally have a smaller portion, and people tend to eat less that way, but still feel satisfied.

6. Don’t Have Dishes on the Table

Leave the food in the kitchen, serve it there, and bring only your full plate to the table. This makes it easier to eat only your planned portion.

If your family doesn’t go for this idea, then make sure the high calorie dishes are put at the other end of the table from your place, so you would have to ask somebody to pass them. The embarrassment factor, when your family knows you want to lose weight, will help you avoid spooning a ton more food onto your plate.

7. Avoid Refined Foods

Refined foods are those where the fiber and other healthy substances has been removed to make them taste sweeter or look more appetizing. Examples are sugar (all sugar, including brown), white rice, and anything made with flour that is not whole wheat flour.

These foods are converted to glucose almost instantly when we eat them, giving our bodies a huge sugar rush and leading to the overproduction of insulin. They are quickly stored as fat. At the same time, they offer us very little nutrition other than calories.

So those are our top 7 tips for an easy way to lose weight. We hope they help you!

Anti Aging with HRT

Aging seems to creep up on us out of nowhere. There comes a certain age when we all start to feel old. Many people look for ways to make themselves look younger and more attractive. In the search for the anti aging cure people come across Hormone Replacement Therapy. This anti aging method is one of the top choices to look younger and feel younger as well, but is it safe, is it effective? These are questions that should interest us all.

pillsHormone Replacement Therapy is different for men and women. When a woman is seeking this treatment her levels of progesterone and estrogen are replenished. These are the female hormones that seem to decrease with age. This treatment was originally used to relieve symptoms of menopause and to treat younger women who had early menopause. The symptoms that were being treated include hot flashes, dryness in the vaginal area, night sweats, and signs of osteoporosis. While these symptoms were being treated, the women noticed improvements in both the way they looked and felt, so they often wanted to continue taking HRT because of the anti aging effects.

In men, Hormone Replacement Therapy is used to give them additional testosterone that they may be losing. Testosterone is the male hormone and it also decreases as a male ages. It is said to help them keep on feeling like “a real man” and also to strengthen their muscle mass, increase the density of the bones and replenish hematocrit levels.

HRT is particularly popular with women, partly because it relieves menopausal symptoms which can be distressing, and partly because so many women are in a never ending quest to look and feel young once again. Many women reported feeling improvement in their mood, improved concentration levels, improve memory, and have even gotten their sexual desires back. However, it can have side effects.

This anti aging therapy can also help the skin look younger. It does this by helping to increase the elasticity of the skin. This gets lost over the years once the collagen levels start to decrease, and skin becomes wrinkled and dry. That’s why younger people barely need to look after their skin, while older skin care is real important to a person’s appearance. In women who have hormone replacement therapy, the skin and the muscles both tend to become firmer and more youthful looking.

Both Human Growth Hormone and Dehydroepiandrosterone also known as DHEA are used to fight the signs of aging. These are another form of hormone replacement therapy.

Human growth hormone (HGH), also known as somatotropin or somatropin, is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans. We all have HGH but the levels of it drop off as we grow older. Children have massive amounts, to stimulate all the growth that they need to do. Adults need less but it’s still important to have some, because our cells are dying off and need to be replaced continually.

However, growth hormone can have significant side effects. So, while it’s not illegal, it is not generally prescribed except in cases where a person is deficient in it, i.e. has less than the amount they need.

The effects of HRT will vary from person to person. Not everyone is the same and the results may be different. Note also that HRT can be risky.

HRT Side Effects and Risks

HRT is not risk free. Just like any other anti aging procedure there are some risks associated with this treatment. Some health experts do not recommend HRT for anti aging purposes. There have been some side effects and studies are still being conducted to detect for other side effects.

Testosterone treatments may put a man at an increased risk for developing prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease. Hormone replacement therapy for women may carry an increased risk of breast cancer, although studies are contradictory on this point. The exact ingredients of the treatment can make a difference.

Woman reading

Other reported side effects for women include breast tenderness, cramps in the legs, headaches, nausea, weight gain, irregular bleeding, and bloating. There are also some more serious risks associated with this therapy that include an increased chance of having a stroke, dementia, and a number of cardiovascular diseases. These results are from studies that have been conducted both in the United Kingdom and the United States. Both trials had to be stopped because they appeared to be increasing the patients’ risk for getting these serious and often life-threatening diseases.

Despite the known risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy many people are still choosing this anti aging treatment as their desire to look young outweighs the fear of side effects. Some even accused the researchers of falsifying this information and exaggerating the HRT side effects. They state that the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy are not being discussed.

Other studies have shown that Hormone Replacement Therapy can still be effective in reducing the effects of aging. The studies are aimed to prove that when used careful and as directed the hormones can prevent the signs and symptoms of aging. They can also be used to treat premature aging and similar disorders especially in women, where HRT can ease symptoms of menopause and help delay a threatened early menopause.

It remains to be seen if Hormone Replacement Therapy will officially be accepted by the medical community as an effective anti aging treatment. There are many other anti aging products on the market that have been shown to be safe and effective. Many of these products have fewer side effects then Hormone Replacement Therapy. These other anti aging treatments include anti wrinkle creams and gels, intensive creams that are used at night, eye creams and gels, serums, and even sunscreen to prevent and reduce the signs of aging. There are many more anti aging products on the market as well.

Nevertheless, many people are not concerned with HRT side effects and proclaim themselves very happy with the anti aging properties of hormone replacement therapy.

Great Older Skin Care Tips

Older woman's hands
An older skin or aging skin can be characterized by drier skin, inflammation and paleness. However, this doesn’t entirely mean that you can’t look radiant and attractive as you get older. By having a good diet and following the right older skin care tips, your skin will look brighter and healthier. Fight wrinkles through keeping your skin hydrated and doing regular skin care routine. Here are some great ideas to help you start with it.

Proper Skin Care For Older Skin

1. Stay Hydrated

Having a glistening and slightly dewy look might be hard when you are getting old. This is mainly because your skin is now drier and your old moisturizer might not work well for you now. However, you can look for a moisturizer that will suit the kind of skin that you have and there are actually many moisturizers for aging people today.

You have to look for products which are gentle and highly hydrated to keep your skin moisturized even if it’s drying more frequently. Keeping your skin hydrated will help avoid those ugly wrinkles and fine lines which are caused by dry skin. Also, drink plenty of water to keep your body healthy and flush out those toxins for a youthful looking body.

2. Cleansing

Cleansing your skin regularly is very helpful since it will remove dust and dirt that might cause skin problems. Avoid skin cleansers that contain drying agents and those that have high alcohol content and choose those that will leave your skin clean and soft.

3. Exfoliation

Exfoliation becomes very important especially when people age. If you want your skin to be as radiant and as lively just like when you were young, then you should exfoliate at least twice a week. This will ensure that all of the dead skin cells will be removed so that your complexion will become even.

After the exfoliation, use the best toner for your skin type because this will balance the PH level of your skin and eliminate those residue and impurity. Exfoliate using a mild facial scrub to stimulate the renewal of the cells which can make your skin bright and radiant.

4. Moisturizing

An aging skin will definitely need to be moisturized at least twice a day using a gentle moisturizer because an aging skin dries more frequently and loses its elasticity which is why wrinkles and fine lines may appear.

5. Healthy Diet

What you eat will greatly impact your physical appearance. For an aging skin, it is highly recommended for you to take plenty of omega 3 and monounsaturated fats because they will help in improving the skin texture, skin tone and cell regeneration thus, making your skin look smoother. Foods which are rich in antioxidants are the ones that you should take for an aging skin because it will protect your skin from those wrinkles, rough texture and sun spots.

6. Products that you should buy

There are a lot of skin care products nowadays which are designed for an aging skin. Just make sure that the product contains ingredients such as hydroxyl acids, glycolic acids, retinol, peptides and Vitamins A, E and C because these are the ingredients that you need to slow down the process of aging.

7. Skin Protection

Protecting your skin is very important especially from the harmful rays of the sun. Too much sun exposure can cause wrinkles, dryness and sun spots. Moisturizers and sun screens can help in shielding your skin from direct sunlight and aside from that, don’t spend too much time under the sun or wear sunglasses and a hat for added protection.

8. Enough Rest

Sleep is very important in having a radiant and healthy skin. Lack of enough sleep and stress will ruin the beauty of your skin. Aside from resting, give yourself time to enjoy and unwind and avoid frowning most of the time since it will just tense your facial muscles and this will cause early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Choosing the Best Anti Wrinkle Cream for You

Pot of skin cream
It is essential for you to choose the best wrinkle cream that will suit the sensitive areas of the skin around your eyes. If you want to prevent fine lines or smooth away those lines which have appeared around the skin of your eyes, then you should pick the right one for you. You should keep in mind that the best wrinkle cream for you doesn’t have to be the most expensive one in the market. Here are some things that will help you find the best wrinkle cream for you.

Things to Remember in Search for the Best Anti Wrinkle Cream

1. First of all, you should know that most anti wrinkle creams are similar to each other. They have a moisturizer as the base ingredient and they will have certain added ingredients which are very helpful in helping the skin recover from the harmful effects of the environmental pollution and stress.

2. The amount that you have to pay will most likely depend on the ingredients which are in the product. Always remember that natural products are usually more expensive because the ingredients are naturally sourced. However, organic are still expensive but you have to make sure that they don’t contain harsh ingredients that may harm the skin. Most experts do suggest using natural products because they are safer.

3. When choosing a skin product, the quality isn’t dependent on the price. However, there are several expensive skin care products which can provide more benefits compared to the cheaper ones.

4. There is no single skin care product which will definitely fit all people that have different skin types. The best way of knowing if the product is the best one for you is to try it and to know the results. Also, choose a skin care product which is suited for the skin type that you have because products which are designed for a certain type of skin has certain ingredients fitted for that particular skin type only.

5. If you have a sensitive skin, avoid those products that contain harsh chemicals.

6. Avoid the product from getting in your eyes because most of the skin care products will cause eye irritation and this will result to eye redness which is definitely not attractive.

7. If you often go outside and you live in hot places, consider buying a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays which can damage your skin.

8. The best anti wrinkle cream can do more than just moisturizing and hydrating the skin around the eyes. They have substances that can help in eliminating those wrinkles and fine lines on the skin around the eyes. Also, they have chemicals that can fight discoloration or dark circles around the eyes and they can soften the skin to keep it as youthful as possible.

Whatever product you may choose to purchase and use just remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money just to make sure that you are getting the most effective product in the market. You can try consulting your dermatologist because they may suggest the best suitable skin care products for the type of skin and skin problems that you have.